Why Is Romeo And Juliet To Blame For Their Deaths

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In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet take their own lives believing that the other had died. While Romeo and Juliet are ultimately to blame for their deaths, they may have had some help along the way. Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because they believed they could not go on living without having the other in their life. Had characters such as Lord Capulet, Friar Lawrence, and the nurse made smarter decisions in certain situations, the two lovers could have lived to see another day. The first person to blame is Lord Capulet. As the father of Juliet, it was his job to find a man suitable for her to marry. In Act I, Scene 2, Capulet tells Paris, “Woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart.” Capulet is trying to make Juliet like Paris and encourages him to try and win her heart. Later on in the story, Romeo arrives at the Capulet household for a party. Having no grudge against the boy and only his parents, Capulet leaves Romeo alone at the party. It is during this party that Romeo and Juliet fall in love and decide to get married. Capulet, who is unaware of his daughter’s marriage, arranges for Juliet to marry Count Paris three days after her cousin Tybalt’s untimely death (Act III, Scene 4). Juliet refuses the marriage because she is already married to Romeo, but keeps this fact hidden from her father. Capulet…show more content…
Capulet forced his daughter to take drastic measures to prevent herself from marrying two men. Friar Lawrence married Romeo and Juliet and created the plan that ended with both characters dying. The nurse kept the marriage a secret to the point where it seemed that she had forgotten about it. By the actions of these three characters, Romeo and Juliet were pushed further to causing their own deaths and turning the story into the famous tragedy read more than four hundred years
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