Why Is Salmon So Important To You Essay

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Salmon is one of the best fish to eat because of its texture and taste. I learned this in my Foods 1 class my sophomore year in high school. I trusted my friends to make sure everything was right when we cooked it because they have cooked salmon before. It payed off when i got to taste it because it was one of the best fish i have ate. I have never ate salmon but my friends talked me into it in when we pick the recipe. Picking the recipe was one of the toughest parts. This is because we had four members in our group and we all have picked different recipes. One recipe was baked salmon with a dijon mustard sauce on top picked by one of my group members, Adrian. I was not really with that recipe because I had never tried salmon and did not like mustard. Then Adrian and Jacob told me how good salmon was so I decided to go with it since they knew what they were doing. Although our recipe was one the best we got a surprise the day we was suppose to cook it.
The day our group was cooking the salmon our teacher told us that there was going to be a contest with whose group food tasted the best. This
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There was three judges, two assistant principals, and the principal. I was not expecting that high of authority to judge, I was expecting teachers in their planning periods to judge. They all had a piece of everyone's meal and their was one the judges liked very good and it was pizza a group of girls made. After the judges talked for a couple of minutes they ranked the top three meals from third to first, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, and our salmon. They said our salmon was so good it deserved to be in an resturant. After the contest we had about ten pieces left over and our whole class was trying to get a piece. For our prize we got one pound hershey chocolate bars from the teacher. After this experience I have broadened the types of food I eat and encourage everyone to try new food because you do not know you like it unless you try
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