Why Is School Is Hard?

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Let’s face it; going to school is a challenge and not everyone makes it, like I’ve always said school is not for everyone. Many people start and sadly they have a really hard time finishing, in fact most people don’t finish or end up finishing school a few years later. Reality is that school is hard. You have to dedicate time, effort and work if you really want to get good grades and graduate. Time is a big issue because many of us are forced to work, we have to pay bills and take care of our family and our everyday problems. So yes school is hard, but haven’t you ever thought about the harder things in life? Let’s talk about death for example; is painful and unforgettable but somehow we manage to keep moving forward. Why don’t we push…show more content…
“Though an alluring idea, the "10 percent myth" is so wrong it is almost laughable, says neurologist Barry Gordon at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. The myth 's durability, Gordon says, stems from people 's conceptions about their own brains: they see their own shortcomings as evidence of the existence of untapped gray matter. This is a false assumption. What is correct, however, is that at certain moments in anyone 's life, such as when we are simply at rest and thinking, we may be using only 10 percent of our brains.” (Boyd, 2008) We have the ability to think and comprehend so if we push ourselves daily we can learn something new every day. Some techniques that I learned to use maximize my learning are preparing, absorbing, capturing and reviewing. These four steps are very helpful to me because I do them as an everyday cycle. Other techniques I have used in the past when I took classes on campus were; listening and paying attention in class, going mentally active to class; I think this is very important because you can absorb more information. Also taking notes using abbreviations was very helpful to me, writing paragraphs as notes didn’t work for me so well because it was harder to study later on. This information will then go through different stages which are encoding, storage and retrieval. There are many ways students can study for exams, however not everyone learns the same or
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