Why Is School Uniforms Used In School

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Kameron Graham Rhonda Hill Student Uniforms 17, October 2017 Schools Use Of Uniforms When uniforms are used in the school system they cause the students to lose an creative diversity that is found in their free choice in their personal attire.The use of uniforms in schools has made little affect to the behavior and performance of students. The reason changing a person's clothes will not change the person is that clothes do not change to way students will perform. The effect on a student that administrators want is that by taking their free will of how they dress away they will create a better learning environment. Without the allure free expressing one's self the students are not able to be rowdy and disruptive in the classroom. According to Devbra “ David L. Brunsma, a researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Brunsma, an assistant professor of sociology, has been studying the movement for public school uniforms since 1996. The research done by them will express how uniforms do not bring positive effects to the school environment. A statement made by David L ,Brunsma was “Requiring students to wear uniforms is a change that affects not only students, but also school faculty and parents. Instituting a mandatory uniform policy is a change that is immediate, highly visible, and shifts the environmental landscape of any particular school. Changing the landscape is a superficial change, but it attracts attention because of its visible nature.” By looking at his findings one can see how uniforms cause a chain of events to happen when they are implemented and how uniforms affects much more than just the students. This is why uniforms are hard to enforce in public systems because of how many people are affected to the change. By evaluating another point made by Debra Viadero “ Despite the anecdotal meanderings of politicians, community members, educators, board members, parents, and students, uniforms have not been effective at attacking the very outcomes and issues they were assumed to aid.” The message of how uniforms goal of creating a better learning environment and increasing student performance is not met. The best explanation for the goal not being met is the fact that uniforms won’t
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