Why Is Self Awareness A Prerequisite For An Intimate Relationship?

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In the following 17 summaries I describe a whole spectrum of factors which have most likely been controlling you and affecting the ways in which you react and behave in dating and relationships. Not being aware of the power these factors exert over you leads you to sabotage your attempts at developing a successful intimacy.

Summary 1: What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness is self-understanding and self-knowledge. It 's getting to know your true, genuine self. Self-awareness enables you to identify and understand factors of which you were not aware until now that control your reactions and behaviors and harm your relationships, such as: your fears, needs, messages you have internalized, beliefs and opinions.

Summary 2: Why is Self-Awareness a Prerequisite for an Intimate Relationship?

Self-awareness means: understanding and acknowledging the fears, deprivations and needs that rule you; the beliefs, opinions and values that affect you. It means realizing how all these find expression in your relationships and how you react and behave automatically with your partners.
Self-awareness enables you to be "who you really are", take responsibility for your behavior and get up the courage to initiate changes.

Summary 3: The Self-Awareness Process

The Self-Awareness process requires that you have motivation and courage to observe and gather information about your thoughts, feelings, attitude, reactions and behaviors and see the connection between them.

The process enables you
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