Why Is Self Awareness Important For Social Work Practice?

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Entry 1 On this module you have explored what might have led you to join the social work profession. Why is it important to think about your motivations for becoming social workers and how might this affect the way you practice? Why is self-awareness important in social work practice? Given your own unique background, what areas of social work might you find challenging and why? It is important for a social worker to remember their motivations for joining the profession as this will have a continued and lasting impact on their working practice. Whether unconsciously or intentionally a social worker will have agendas to achieve, whilst these may be noble and not necessarily detrimental to working practice, self-awareness is necessary to…show more content…
A social worker can transfer attitudes to a service user, for example, they may be able to hold hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, alternatively they may communicate worthlessness to the service user causing them to capitulate and not expect any progress in their time of need. Therefore, it is important to communicate well and be aware that more than simply the words used communicate held opinions; body language and tone often tell the listener more than words do (Hargie and Dickson, 2004). Furthermore, actions such as keeping appointments and offering a drink in a meeting may also communicate that the service user is valued, this – along with many others – is a reason for me to develop strong organisational skills. The service user may also communicate feelings to the social worker. I am not usually driven by my emotions or feelings, something I have usually seen as a strength. However, I am becoming increasingly aware that listening to one’s feelings – especially during reflective practice – can explain our reactions to an event (Walker, 2008). Where previously I valued not being governed by emotions, I was probably simply ignoring them. In my future practice I need to be aware of my feelings and what they may suggest about a situation, whilst still considering knowledge based practice. Having been brought up as a Christian and continued with this belief and way of life, this has undoubtedly
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