Why Is Shakespeare Still Relevant To Today

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Our world is a lot different than Shakespeare's he was a romantic, and poetic play writer whereas today we are worried about being cool and rebellious not romantic or funny anymore because we want to fit in, Shakespeare did not want to be like anyone he was a well-educated man who knew many things that others didn't, he was a very dedicated man who loved what he did which is great because not many people expressed themselves back then. Now all we worry about is being rebellious and the same as everyone else which is not very cool. Back when Shakespeare was writing and performing plays women were not allowed on stage which was very odd considering the men wore dresses, and now in the time we live in women are allowed on the stage meaning boys don't have to wear dresses anymore which I guess is good even though it would be funny to watch them play as women. I think it is pretty amazing that when they did the play Romeo and Juliet a women had guts and go on the stage and…show more content…
But unlike her other women couldn't really do anything until a women got on stage and performed even though at first everyone hated her, they soon began to have women in the show. I find It very intriguing that women were not allowed to go on stage but there was nothing they could do about it, except dress up like men and try not to get caught, but when they go caught they go into some trouble because only men could do the acting which I guess made them mad. Women especially back than had not much of an education especailly if you were poor. So how was our world different from shakespeares world? I guess you have to try and understand that our worlds are very different, thank you so much for reading because it was a very wierd
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