Why Is Snowflake Wrong

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Snowflake: Are you sure we should be doing this? What if we get caught? We’d get in so much trouble!
Giggles: Will you calm down I know what I’m doing. We’re just going to walk in, light the place on fire and leave.
Snowflake: LIGHT THE PLACE ON FIRE? You said we were going to get revenge! You never said that we were going to kill him.
Giggles: It was implied.
Snowflake: No it wasn’t! I need to leave! I will warn him and you’ll be kicked out of the North Pole!
Giggles: You’re not going to tell.
Snowflake: Yes I will.
Giggles: Nope.
Snowflake: I said yes!
Giggles: I said no.
Snowflake: (beat) Whatever.
Giggles: So you’re going to help me?
Snowflake: (Mumbles) sure
Giggles: What was that?
Snowflake: Yes! I said yes!
Giggles: Yep that’s what
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(Lets go of rope and drops Snowflake into the room with Santa and the fire) Bye loser.
Santa: (waking up and sniffing the air) Hmmm smells like Mrs. Clause has picked up smoking again. (Closes eyes to fall back to sleep, automatically opens them when he hears snowflake yelling) Well what is this commotion about? HOLY GINGERBREAD MEN MY CARPET IS ON FIRE!! (Grabs big jugs of milk from mini fridge and pours them on the fire) Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
Snowflake: I’m so sorry Santa. I didn’t want to do it but Giggles told me too. He said that you were mean and that you weren’t going to give us our Christmas bonus.
Santa: (Chuckling) Hohoho. Not going to give you a bonus? Well, come to think of it maybe he’s right you don’t deserve a bonus. But, you know who does? (Calling out the window) Dasher and Dancer! Come here boys! (Looking back at snowflake) I was running a bit low on reindeer food thank you. (leaves room and locks Snowflake in with reindeer. Screams can be heard)
Scene 3. Santa’s workshop the next day
All of the elves are at their little desks wait for attendance to be called so they can get to work on making toys.
Santa: Okay time for role call
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