Why Is Sociological Research Important

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We know what we know because our parents and grandparents have thought us many things. The traditions we follow were passed down from many generations. We trust them because they have worked for many years. And people in the family or colony are still practicing those same traditions. For example, when we have a wedding the bride always wears blue. It has been that way since the Huterrites came to America, or the tradition could have come from even farther back. According to the text “Much of our knowledge us based on tradition, a handing down of statements, beliefs, and customs from generations” (Pearson Text).
Here in the colony the older people have the authority over the younger people. We are not allowed to rebelliously question any of
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Why Is Sociological Research Important in Our Everyday Lives? Cite Specific examples from your own life in your response. We need it in our everyday lives because it helps us understand why people do what they do. Like when we ask our minister if we can do something and he says no, then we have to accept it and take no for an answer, trusting he had a good reason why he said no. Because he always has a good reason when he says something. Sometimes he says no because he doesn’t want us to get hurt emotionally or physically, which we could. Sometimes we think adults don’t let us do things just to control us and to make our lives miserable, which I believe a lot. But do they really, or are they just trying to teach us something because they made the same mistake. But I also think that we all need to learn from our mistakes, as much as our parents love us they can’t always teach us to do something different because they made that mistake. We sometimes have to learn it on our own, our parents have been through much more in life then we have, so they understand quite clearly what we are going through. For example my sister and I really want a dog and my parents say “NO” every time because they are afraid we won’t take care of him or something like
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