Why Is Street Racing Illegal

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Why is street racing illegal? Should Street racing should be legalized? What are the pros and cons about street racing? My experiences with street racing. Those are the four things I will be talking about today. I have done my research and found a lot of information on both why it should remain illegal and why it should be legalized. I was very excited to do my research paper about this because I love to see movies where they race. My favorite is the fast and the furious movies. I also kinda like to car shows and see when they race on the normal streets. Why is street racing illegal? They reason for street racing being illegal is because racers are breaking the law and going over the speed limit. Also they are recklessly driving according to the police (Jones, Kyrana). Its also illegal because they reach high excessive speeds up to 150 MPH (miles per hour). That's why most of they time they get busted or they get in an accident. Should street racing be legalized? I believe it should be legalized…show more content…
The world of street racing provides an outlet for teenagers, primarily, by giving them a group of like-minded individuals to spend time with and enjoy the same passion (Legalization of Street Racing). That is one of the Pros for illegal street racing. That’s what I was talking about us teenagers want to have our own clubs and like to meet new people and do fun stuff. Street racing is a dangerous pastime that law-enforcement agencies across the country consider illegal. Therefore, breaking the law and endangering yourself as well as onlookers and innocent people in the area are on top of the list. Drivers that have never experienced high speeds are suddenly behind the wheel of a rocket about to go out of control with no clue how to react or what to do (Legalization of Street Racing). That is true but like in the movies like fast and the furious they blocked off the road. So that was one of the cons that they talked

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