Why Is Surgery A Surgery?

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Weak. Diagnosed with cancer. Not physically well enough to have a normal procedure, Debra Johnson was left with no other option than to put her life in the hands of a first time robotic surgeon. Back in 2006, she was turned away from the conventional method of surgery because she was deemed not physically fit enough by doctors to go through the operation. So she then turned to a surgeon by the name of Gary Leiserowitz. It was going to be his first time performing this kind of operation on anyone. However, he explained the operation very clearly and had great confidence going in, which left Ms. Johnson feeling good going into the surgery. This life saving procedure would not have been possible without robotic surgery ("Robotic-assisted Surgery…”). The technology was a last resort for this woman and allowed for her to have a chance at a longer life. The results from this operation urge the question as to why this type of surgery is not the first choice when it comes to operations much like this one. Is it because people are against the idea of being operated upon by a robot? If this is the case, then why is this? The “robot” is simply just a new, different form of technology invented by humans. The process of robotic surgery is a great advancement in medical technology that should be used more often in the surgical world due to its precision and minimally invasive techniques. Robotic technology is relatively new and has only become involved in the medical field within the
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