Why Is Technology Important?

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The importance of technology in today’s society is undeniable. Computers are fundamental in our everyday lives and have also contributed to making the world the wonderful global village it is today. Without computers, most things that we take for granted will be impossible. My interest in computer science started when I studied accountancy and business programming in high school in Italy. I was fascinated by how computer engineers had the ability to make life easier for everybody. Systems such as the CCTVs, helping in monitoring the security of individuals in communities, Traffic management systems which are managing the effective control of traffic on our streets, Election monitoring systems which helps in the coalition of our election results have all made social life very easy and other institutions very efficient. These are all systems designed by computer professional in the programming sector. It is with this drive and the impact it makes to the society that I would like to pursue this course. My personal perception has always been trying to simplified processes to make it easy for large number of people. Thus, my interest in system automation is been driven by this interest. As a result of this I have always tried in my own initiative whenever the need arose to put this knowledge at work.

I had the opportunity to work for some small scale businesses as a consultant giving them advice and helping them to keep up with the growth of their business. This gave me the
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