Why Is Testing Stage of Sdlc so Important?

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Why is the testing stage of systems development so important?
November 2012

• Systems Development Lifecycle
• Types of SDLC
• Stages of SDLC

Waterfall method
Programme Testing
Acceptance Testing
Limitations of Testing
Case Study 1: University of Salford
Case Study 2: Knight Capital Group

Systems Development Lifecycle
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process of developing information systems through various stages from identifying initial requirements through analysis, design, testing, implementation and maintenance.
• Many different models but each generally consists of a series of defined steps or stages.
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Testing continues...

Case Study 2 – Knight Capital Group
• Trading US equities electronically (high frequency trading)
• Dormant software from a legacy system inadvertently reactivated • Multiplied stock trades by 1000

• 45 minute delay in shutting down the system
• Proper testing and “appropriate market simulations”
• Estimated $440M loss

Detterman (2012), Ruhle, Harper and Mehta (2012)

• Defined SDLC
• Types & Stages of SDLC
• Types of Testing
• Limitations of Testing
• Case studies demonstrate importance of thorough


• Testing reveals any errors and incompatibilities

• Essential to ensure they can be corrected before implementation • Testing is a continual process. There needs to be a cut

off point before implementation but it can (and should) continue • Testing is critical because it is the only way to

determine whether the system operates to requirements and actually works!
Laudon & Laudon (2006), Cervone (2007)

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