Why Is Texting Wrong

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There are bountiful benefits to both calling and texting, as well as detriment. Weather its being able to hear the pitch and tone of your voice to having your connection, verbal calling has been around for generations and whether it should be in addition or opposition to texting is up for debate. The fact of texting being the new main form of communication is up for debate because supporters say its faster and easier than verbal calling, although contradictors say many are harmed because of distractions like in the case of texting and driving.

Bettering the credibility to text, you don’t even have to talk and can still express your emotions with emoticons when you send a message. “Scientists have discovered that when we look at a smiley face
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Some even go as far as saying the next generation is too lazy, so David Jonathon Correll brought up the fact that “Thirty years ago, 90% of the kids were outside getting oxygen and playing sports. In addition, they were building forts and enjoying life. In this day in age, more than 75% of our children are playing video games and staying indoors. Now, our dilemma is that we are having a weight issue with our children. Child obesity is a growing concern with our nation” (Correll 1). As easy as sitting on the couch and pressing send it, to go as far as actually talking wether than typing might help eliminate part of the problem of…show more content…
Institute for Hwy Safety Fatality Facts states that in 2016 nearly 11 deaths per day were recorded in the U.S. due to precisely texting while driving. Hundreds of missions have been started to stop texting and driving every day such as laws. In an effort to reduce deaths and continued use as a whole, a no texting while driving policy was passed first by Washington in 2007 and quickly spread to 46 other states (Adkins 1). Since the invention of hands free calling in cars, verbal communication has become the new safety belt for consumers over the past, and still current issue of texting and riving. With the touch of a single button you can now call a friend instead going through the dangerous hassle of find them in your contacts, press call, and wait. Neither Texting or calling is safe to do in the car but, if you are looking for a much safer option, verbal communication is the way to
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