Why Is The Alamo Important

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Abby Robinson Robinson 1 Miss Kiper Sophomore English 1 March 2017 Texas: What it’s All About The Lone Star State, or also known as Texas itself. The Lone Star State is what the “Texans” call Texas. Texas is actually called this because of the state flag which originated from 1836 when Texas got their freedom of independence from Mexico. Texas is known for countless different things, such as their tasty barbeque. In Texas my two favorite finger licking good barbecue places to go are Rudy’s Barbeque and Famous Dave’s Barbeque. One of my most favorite fast food chain places to go in Texas is Whataburger.The Whataburger is known for being “the hamburger of Texas.” Texas is the state for being known with their ruby red delicious grapefruits, they are actually grown…show more content…
A small border town at the very southern tip of the state of Texas. Texas isn’t just known for food though it is also greatly known for it’s breathtaking Alamo. What is the Alamo? The Alamo is a famous monument mark or Church which happens to be in San Antonio, one of the largest cities in Texas itself. The Alamo was built back in 1744. It was built by the spanish Franciscan friars in order to convert the local Indians to Christianity. General Santa Anna is the one who started the assault on the Alamo mission in San Antonio. He and spanish troops battled against General Sam Houston in the battle of San Jacinto and can you guess how long this fight lasted? Just eighteen minutes, that’s all. I really enjoy learning about Texas because not only it is my favorite state but, also my favorite place to go. Texas is just so very
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