Why Is The Brain Avatar Better To Bier Than High-Speed Pulses?

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Just as the muscles can be trained to ride a bicycle, type or downhill ski, the brain can also be trained to function more effectively. Brain Avatar is considered to be the best Electro- Enchephalography (EEG) brain training. Just as the heart functions rhythmically, the brain also operates with rhythmic pulses of electricity. Research shows that variation in mental activity helps keep the brain healthy and active for the long-term. The brain has three main speeds of electrical pulses. Slow pulses are seen during the intuitive and creative time when you may be dreaming with images rather than words. If you remain in the slow pluses for too long, you may be diagnosed with learning or attention problems. It may also signal depression. Middle speed pulses are the pure awareness states. This is where peak performance in sports or other skilled activities happen as well as things that can be done without much thought. If you remain in this state too long it may look like you are not motivated. Ideally, a person should move between slow and fast states smoothly. If you get stuck in one speed, you may just accept the strengths you experience there as well as the limitations.…show more content…
However, too much fast speed may make you become obsessive, addictive or anxious. Brain Avatar measures the electrical patterns and our trained technician can help guide them into more efficient patterns. The therapies can be tailored to the individual needs of business professionals, students, athletes and anyone who would like to see their brain function better. Some of the functions that may be optimized are focus, attention and cognition. Brain Avatar uses modern technological advancements in neurofeedback training, including: • The ability to view brain activity in real
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