Why Is The Congress Of Vienna Powerful

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Congress of Vienna was not a forerunner to the United Nations.

Congress of Vienna
United Nations
Established in 1815, in Vienna, Austria. They met to reorganize Europe after the Napoleonic wars.
They met to deal with the after-effects of war.
Established in 1945, San Francisco USA. They met in order to pledge that they would never start a conflict like World War Two again.

The goals of the Congress of Vienna were to pay back countries that had suffered during the Napoleonic wars, balance the European powers, and enforce the rule of Legitimacy. This rule reinstated all previous monarchs as the rightful ruler of their state.
They both had goals that promoted peace between the nations.
The goals of the United Nations were to keep peace in the world, develop
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North Korea or the People’s Republic of Korea was added so the UN could somewhat control their actions and keep them involved in Global Politics.
The spokesperson of the Congress of Vienna was Prince Metternich of Austria.

The spokesperson of the United Nations is the secretary general Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea.
The Congress of Vienna was very conservative because it was made up of monarchs. Conservatives don’t want change and monarchs don’t want to be out of power so it makes sense that the Congress was conservative.

The United Nations can be very mixed because of the number of different countries represented. The key values of the United Nations involve lots of change and revolution so the organization would be considered liberal even though not all the representatives are.
The biggest challenge for the Congress of Vienna was the reorganization and revitalization of Europe. After the Napoleonic wars, they had to figure out how to make all the countries feel equal to each other in power and land mass. They also had to restore themselves to power as the rightful monarchs and destroy and rebellion against
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