Why Is The Initial Consultation So Impo

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“Why Is The Initial Consultation So Important ?
What Factors Will An Ethical Therapist Cover At This Time ?

The initial consultation is important for both the therapists and the client to establish whether there is rapport between both parties, to put the client at ease and to ensure a realistic and effective plan of action to help the client achieve their goal. This is often offered as a short appointment of maybe 30 minutes, free of charge. I think by offering this service clients would have more trust in you and think of you in a more professional manner (and not that you are just in it for the money). You do however have to be careful as to how free sessions are advertised as “there are complex legal issues relating to using free
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“There are some grey areas between neuroses and psychosis and it is important to remember that neuroses can develop into a psychosis”. (Chrysalis, Module 2, p23, 2014) Eating disorders, and some of the milder personality disorders come into this category. These along with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) cannot be treated with hypnotherapy alone and should only be taken on by a well experienced therapist. “Hypnotherapists are not equipped or entitled to diagnose psychosis and if the client presents with any history of mental illness or psychological medication, or in any way causes concern to the therapist, a doctor’s written consent to treat must be obtained and this must state that the client is not psychotic”. (Chrysalis, Module 2, p23, 2014)
A lot of information can of course be collected on an initial consultation notation form and I think the information requested on this form is extremely important to start to establish a picture of each client. The initial consultation notation form should start with basic information such as the client’s full name and whether they have a “known as” or a preferred name, their contact details and whether they have any instructions as to who you can leave a message with, their date of birth, any medical history or medication they are currently taking. It should also ask for details of their GP but ensure the client knows that “their GP would not be able
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