Why Is The Lottery Wrong

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In the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson you go on a ride of emotions with the characters in the development of their lives during this ritualistic Lottery that takes place. The ideal of the story is a lottery is head every year in which all the townspeople's names are put in a lottery and drawn from. The person whose name is chosen will become the chose one of the town and use as a sacrifice of sorts. They will be sacrificed as an offering to be blessed with better crops for the following year. So as the happy townsfolk do their “wonderful” lottery the one chosen wasn’t so happy as the rest. Tessie Hutchinson was chosen and has to be sacrificed by stoning for the greater good of her village, but once chosen her views on the whole matter swing in a heartbeat. The whole theme of the story is how tradition for some can vary for people to people, but In the lottery is it their tradition wrong or right in there minds. We have to determine if the mob of townsfolk are wrong or right for stoning the housewife Tessie to death for their beliefs in the lottery.
In the lottery you see an example of the theme of the story at the end of the story when “Tessie Hutchinson was in the center of a cleared space by
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In “Shirley Jackson” by Carol Cleveland states “What is about to happen to her is, of course, perfectly fair and right by the logic that has guided her life up to that moment. Victims are always chosen “fairly,” by blind chance, and it is eminently “right” not to risk crop failure, possibly the rationale for the Lottery”(2). Even though to modern society the sacrifice of another is deem wrong and morally unjust in their own reality it is moral and justified as the right way of life. It's a cruel theme to look at as you have to somewhat side with the village being in the right to stone a woman to death for the good of the
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