Why Is The Magna Charta Important

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My historical topic is the Magna Carta. The Magna charta is one of the most important historic documents in history. Not only was it he first document to ever stop a king from abusing absolute power over the people, but it also showed that evrey one was subject to the law and no one was above nor any below it. The Mangna Carta was agreed upon and signed on June 15, 1215. The Magna Carta was basicly a degree of promises to the king of England king John, but when he died it was passed on to king John the 2nd. During the time the Barons didn’t like how king john was treating them with their personal rights so what happened was the barons rebelled against king John, and then demanded him to sign the document. The Magna Carta was extremly no doubt one of the important document is in history. And also this document secured peoples rights something that the…show more content…
And 5 stick figures on the left. This symbol represents the leaders in the law and the followers. Also the figures that are not holding up the book are watchiching. This represents the demonstration that both sides must cooperate in. And last but not least is the book itself. This is is probably the most important symbol of all. Because what would the stick figures be holding on to if not for the book. The book represents the Magna carta. And how all must follow it. My decision to make my monument on the Magna Carta came from the idea of where did the law even really originate from. Most then not some people will argue that the Magna Carta wasn’t that important know. All though it might not be heard of a lot it's still very important. Example we would never know what king John the 2nd would do with absolute power over the people of England. But before it king John did abuse the power and they didn't want to take another chance. All in all without the Magna Carta humans rights might not be fully secured and the law maybe wouldn't be
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