Why Is The Paramedic Is Criminally And Morally Responsible For Terms Of Criminal Law And Responsibility

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The following essay will analyse the given scenario, where in a busy shopping mall a woman faints in front of an individual who is an off duty paramedic. The issue the scenario raises, is that the companion of the woman clearly does not know how to help her and the paramedic just carries on walking without offering any help.
Therefore the essay will outline, evaluate and justify the extent to which the paramedic is criminally and morally responsible in terms of criminal law and responsibility.

Criminal and Moral Responsibility
Responsibility covers lots of variants including criminal and moral. In general responsibility means that one owes responsibility for something to other. Based on criminal law, standing as a sort of code of conduct, criminal responsibility means that, as a civilian we are criminally responsible to other civilians for committing public wrong by either doing something or failing to do something which is understood by the criminal justice system as a crime .
However, the relationship of morality and the law is not this simple.
Moral responsibility incorporates a general duty imposed upon every member of the society to act in accordance with a moral code of conduct that is important to them as an individual, to the social community they belong to and to the humanity as an entity. This shows that, contrary to criminal law, there is no such thing as a defined moral code of conduct as it will differ from each individual therefore…
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