Why Is The Patriot Act Necessary

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Protection of privacy has been amongst the debates, for several years now. Many of the people believe that we should be allowed full privacy which essentially goes against the Patriot Act. There has been numerous issues with phone privacy, mostly because the government has the power to everything that has ever been within your phone and is collected and is charter down and completely looked over. This is sparking much controversy as many americans believe it goes against their rights and should overall be allowed privacy. What many blatantly ignore is the amount of protection the Patriot Act actually brings. Is the patriot act necessary or completely unnecessary? There are proven facts and data that shows that the patriot act is necessary and here's why. …show more content…

For instance many citizens believe it is against the there privacy rights to have everything in there phone surveillance, which is more so narrowed down to the phone calls, emails text messages and overall any searches and posts. This can become very upsetting to americans all around the United States.Many believe that the patriot act is not doing anything at all to actually help and that many claims are actually false. The people of america believe that the patriot act violates the privacy of millions of innocent people. Studies show that the government has collected much data from our phones, which consist of how long phone calls last between one another, as well as who it is that one has made a phone call too. Overall yes the government has stepped up when it comes to surveillance, most commonly due to the 9/11 terrorists attacks, studies show that due to the step up in surveillance there has been less things that have been gone unnoticed and attacks that have

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