Why Is The Subject Leader? A Role For Every School Or Institution?

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1. Introduction:
A subject leader or middle manager plays a crucial role for every school or institution. The Teacher Training Agency (TTA, 1996, P. 4) illustrate that:’ Evidence from OFSTED inspections and other sources has shown that pupil achievement is higher when the role of the subject leader is clearly identified and effectively implemented.’ Considering the structural aspects, Morris and Dennison (1982, p. 40) suggest the role of the subject leader should be following:
1. A professional role as a teacher in the classroom.
2. An organizational role as part of the responsibility for management of the department.
3. A corporate role within the whole school as a ‘middle manager ' in the administrative structure of the institution.
4. A personal role.
However, The subject leader is not just the machine that carries out guidelines, policies and enforces the orders from the superior, but it should more address the relationships with relevant others and related performance hoped of a post holder (Adey,1988; Ribbins, 1988; Webb and Luons, 1982). The role-set of the subject leader should involve not only to be teachers, but also their subject leaders, head teachers, governors, parents and student (David, 2001). As an intermediary, the subject leader should accommodate the relationship between all aspects. Therefore, apart from the job of teaching and learning, the more crucial issue for the subject leader is how to deal with these relationships. Furthermore,

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