Why Is The Traditional Grading System In Schools Better

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The Time for Traditional Grading is Long Gone

So much in life depends on how well you do in school, it?s more recently come to light though that how teachers grade may not be good enough anymore. As time passes researchers are realizing that students can?t be treated the way they used to be, this includes how they are graded. The traditional grading system of the teacher giving a student letter grades is no longer an adequate way of measuring how intelligent students are. Though the traditional letter grading system has worked for many years, it?s time for alternative ways of grading; such as students grading each other, feedback instead of letters, and the hybrid grading system.
Duke University?s Cathy Davidson went outside the norm a few years ago in 2010 offering a seminar where students grade each other. According to an article by Scott Jaschik titled ?No Grading, More Learning? this alternative way of grading was ?[given] an A+? by the university. Also, Cathy ?found that it inspired students to do more creative work then she sees in courses with traditional grading.? With students grading each other they don?t conform to what
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Some schools in Billerica, Ma tried to get rid of letter grades but after many parents complained how it was too hard to understand they changed their report cards yet again. The district?s solution was the hybrid grading system. ?Under the traditional grading system, a child who aces tests but fails to do homework might receive the same grade as a child who struggles on exams but diligently turns in homework assignments, Piwowar? (Buote). This quote, from Superintendent Timothy Piwowar, shows us the total unfairness of the letters; Not only to the student who doesn?t do their homework and will definitely struggle later on, but to the struggling student that won?t get the help they
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