Why Is This Unknown Spot My Walden?

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~My Walden: Cuddebackville Campground~

Cuddebackville. Why is this unknown spot my Walden? The complete serenity and relaxation that this small and cozy campground offers brings me to a place of complete peace year after year. Between the beautiful sound of the river and the crackling sound of a fire, the fresh air and the clear blue sky, and the colorful fall leaves and the beautiful mountain view, God 's creation causes me to be fully in awe every week I spend there. Time after time, the bike trails, the opportunity to indulge in some of my favorite hobbies, and the simple family-oriented way of life bring me so much happiness. Cuddebackville is my personal Walden. As my personal Walden, Cuddebackville brings me away from the chaos of everyday life and into complete relaxation, which I love. With no cars zooming down the street, no mobs of noisy people in school hallways, no modern technology, no busy schedules and no stress of staying up into the early hours of the morning to study for all my tests, I feel total peace. It is important to take a peaceful break from the stress of everyday life in order to rejuvenate yourself. Once you’ve been refreshed, you can think more clearly and have more energy and motivation to do so. Every time I go to Cuddebackville with no internet distractions or arduous work, I have the pleasure of just being in my own thoughts and doing my own thinking, which is my way of being recharged. Surrounding myself around a picturesque…

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