Why Is Tio2 Be Used To Exterminate Pesticides?

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Background and Objective: the human activities generate a variety of contaminants. One of these contaminants is the pesticides which are used to exterminate the agricultural pest. Organophosphates are a class of pesticides which, were replaced with the organochlorines from a few decades ago, due to their less resistance. diazinon is one of Organophosphate insecticide which is classified as a relatively hazardous materials (Class II by the World Health Organization). Diazinon has many adverse effects such as disruption of the immune system (Immunotoxic), cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity. The insecticide is relatively soluble in water and the maximum remaining level in water is 1 mg/L. The release of diazinon into surface and groundwater resources is one of important worries. Several methods such as ultrasonic waves, biodegradation, optical degradation, ozonation, gamma rays, Fenton, UV / H2O2 and Photocatalytic degradation have been used to remove the diazinon. The complexity of the process, high cost and high consumption of chemicals are of the problems with these methods. Nano-photocatalytic methods are new developing methods to remove environmental pollutants. TiO2 has found more attention due to high photocatalytic activity, stability against the light corrosion, economic acceptability and lack of…show more content…
The aim of this study was to determine the efficiency of photocatalytic degradation of diazinon using titanium dioxide nanoparticles DAP with iron in the presence of ultraviolet light from the aqueous
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