Why Is Tricking Wrong

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Tricking and Deceiving Making a person or thing hard to get is a bad way to get what one wants, because it fools people and tricks them. According to The New York Times, in the article, “The States of Forced Labor”, it states, “First, securing a position often means paying a local recruiter a $2,000 fee, usually obtained through a loan with an extortionate interest rate . . . the terms of which may state that the job pays only $200 a month, far less than promised, with housing costs deducted from that. This leaves approximately $100 a month — barely enough to cover the loan interest on their recruiting fee.” (The New York Times). The Middle East created a trick so many people that needed jobs would come. The jobless people do not know that…show more content…
For example by making work special other people are going to want to take over your work. However this is incorrect, because this method actually teaches laziness. According to Scott Francis, in the article “Taking the Easy Way Out Instead of Doing the Hard Work”, he states, “It’s tempting to take shortcuts or the path of least resistance. But beyond being lazy, it can also seriously undermine your recruiting goals and your reputation.” Francis shows that taking the easy way can result in serious trouble. Later in life people will stop working, trying to find the easy way out. The problem with this is there isn’t always an easy way out. In Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom tricks people into whitewashing for him by making the job special and hard to do. Tom tells people that it has to be done in a very certain way so other people will find it interesting. After Tom operates his method he goes away and plays with toys. If Tom will never work he will become lazy and immature. In my life, these experiences have happened. When I was younger I would try to make it so that counting numbers was fun. Many people wanted to try to attempt my work at a price. After they stopped paying I procrastinated my work at school because of laziness, and I had trouble keeping up. As shown above, looking for an easy way out for work is not the answer, because this practice
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