Why Is Truman Agreed With The Soviet Union

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In 1949 the United States agreed to sign the North Atlantic Treaty. Some argue. Like Senator Robert Taft, that the choice was fallible while others, like President Truman agreed with the nation’s decision. It can be evident to some that signing the North Atlantic Treaty was good judgement in order to prevent the rise of Communism, promote peace, and promote democratic governments. The world had just been shaken by World War II. The Allies had won, but many lives were lost in exchange for peace. Peace needed to be protected, back then, and now, this is why banding together was a good option for the Allies as the Soviets were building their own coalition slowly.

During World War II the Soviets initially were allied with the Nazis via the Nazi Soviet Pact. That pact was broken by Hitler and led Stalin to join the Allies and win the war. Even though the Soviet Union was on the side of the Allies it was revealed that their intensions
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In describing the nation as a “tremendous significance to the future of freemen in very part of the world.” He describes the alliance as a police force, similar to Roosevelt’s policies while he was alive. While the proposition sounds nice Senator Robert Taft’s skepticism of the treaty was not misplaced. He argued that the alliance would provoke the Soviets into attacking. He reasoned that the alliance would pull America into another world war. He proclaims the seriousness of the situation as saying “A third world war would be the greatest tragedy the world has ever suffered”. Taft notes the serous ripples this alliance treaty could have on the world and could possibly ruin it. While Taft has good intentions, not doing anything is worse. The Soviets at this time refuse to cooperate and fear is spreading across the nations, the best attempt is to band the countries together that have the same ideology

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