Why Is Trump Unfair

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America is in a disaster and one of the reasons why it is is because of Trump. Trump is America’s 45th president, but most of the media resent him. In my opinion, I think the media is sometimes unfair to Trump since it can occasionally go overboard and exaggerate the atrocious behavior in Trump, but it’s also Trump’s fault for his erroneous and impulsive resolutions, which makes the media dislike him. One reason why I consider the media is treating Trump unfairly is due to the media overemphasizing what Trump does. They only highlight what mistakes Trump does, but what they say isn’t inaccurate. He makes misguided choices that presidents shouldn’t do which makes the media have a diatribe against him. For instance, on the internet, a website informs us that Trump spends his money unwisely as a president. It says on the site, “He has cost taxpayers $21 million in trips to his palatial Mar-a-Lago Florida resort. By contrast, Obama spent $97 million on travel during his entire presidency.” (Matthew Rozsa). The media are comparing how much money Trump spends in 3 months to how much Barack Obama spends. They’re emphasizing how Obama was a better president than Trump and how he’s spending his money irresponsibly. However, what Trump is doing is also wrong since he shouldn’t even be spending that much money…show more content…
On the internet, I’ve seen many rumours and insulting things about Trump. They also only point out the bad doings Trump has done and try their best to show he’s horrible. For instance, on the internet, people make websites that show the worst things he has done. The media shows us videos and websites like, “11 Worst Things Trump has said about women”, “32 Worst Things Donald Trump has ever said”, and “Donald Trump’s Most Idiotic Moments”. They rarely post the positive actions that Trump does. Most of the media dislike Trump so they try their best to make him look
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