Why Is Victor Frankenstein Bad

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Victor Frankenstein: The True Monster
An Analysis of Frankenstein/Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein, Or the Modern Prometheus written by Mary Wolfenstein Shelley(1797-1851), is a classical novel that is nothing short of legendary. Born out of a leisurely cabin visit, Mary Shelley crafted one of the hallmark novels of the English Romantic period. Set in the gothic, science fiction genre, Frankenstein tells the tale of scientist Victor Frankenstein creating a monster that wreaks havoc over his world. What is on the surface just a spooky book, actually delves in the time tested narrative of creator vs creation. In this particular situation, it begs the question; Is Frankenstein(creator) good or bad? The answer is straight-forward and absolute. Frankenstein is bad due to his various displays of foolishness, selfishness and irresponsibility.
The first of Frankenstein’s flaws, is his foolishness. Victor is foolish in various aspects, more specifically his intention to bring life from the dead. Throughout history it is a known fact, when someone or something has died, there is no hope in bringing life back to them. It is one of the fundamental laws of life and Frankenstein is foolish to think he can surpass it. To his credit, he is indeed able to breathe life into the creature but this is also where his
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Not mentioning the aforementioned sentence of Justine, Victor lacks the guilt he should have. He blames his mistakes on spirits and in one passage he even says, “I was guiltless, but I had indeed drawn a horrible curse upon my head, as mortal as that of crime.”(pg.157). Frankenstein failed to think of the consequences of his actions and he even goes as far as abandoning his creature, pretending it was not his fault something so grotesque and inhuman came into the world. He eventually does try to take some semblance of responsibility but it comes far too little - too
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