Why Is Violence Become Such Part Of The Transnational Drug Culture? Essay

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Why has violence become such part of the transnational drug culture? The violence is a topic widely discussed in different journalistic media: newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, as well as being a topic of debate among State officials; however, we have so far been able to say who we are organized on the left. Maybe because we do not consider it to be the main problem of the people abuse in the country, perhaps because it is a problem that we consider to be foreign, or permanently in the official discourse. However at this point it is undeniable that there is currently a situation in our country in which drug trafficking and the increase of social violence linked to it have reached a level such that it is difficult to continue to elude the discussion; Moreover, it is important that we use our own analytical tools to explain it, in my case I will use the best analytical tool we have so far, Marxism.
On the other hand I have to clarify that I do this writing by way of essay because I consider that the journalistic information about the drug cartels, their rivalries, operations and composition is not reliable. In most cases they are reports and leaks of a police character, rumors and sayings of the involved ones that result in the end; confusing, contradictory and deceptive.
Thus, my purpose will be to point out some structural and essential aspects for the understanding of the problem, regardless of the concrete analysis of such a “business”.
The role of

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