Why Is Violent Media Good For Kids

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Violent Media Gerard Jones is the author of the essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids”. This essay is a very interesting piece about how violent media can actually help young kids get through stressful points in their life. I truly enjoyed reading this piece and it was very entertaining, but it didn't really convince me that violent media is good for young kids. I have two reasons why the author didn't convince me. The first is statistics, he didn't use any data or studies on the subject , and the second reason was the types media. The thesis of his article was: Violent media is good for developing children because it helps them cope with situation that are new to them and helps them become their own person. The author uses a lot of…show more content…
He talks about how he read comic books as a kid and now he is a successful writer who makes a living writing comic books and movies. I feel he's trying to say that if it worked for me why wouldn't it work for everyone else. He was very convincing with these examples but didn't have anything to backup his statement. The main reason that I found this essay wasn't convincing was because he didn't use any studies or statistical data. He does bring in Dr. Moore to try and make his argument more compelling. He doesn't really talk about a certain age group or a study that was preformed. The essay only had three examples of violent media helping kids and in each example there was only one kid that it helped. He is trying to argue that violent media is good for kids but doesn't use any huge study to back up his argument. He says at the end of his essay “I am going to argue that it's, violent media, helped hundreds of people for every one it's hurts”(para. 15). If he could of found a study proving that statement, it would of made his essay a lot more…show more content…
The only part that I wasn't convinced about was the uses of different media types. He used examples of how comic books help kids get through situations like having a fear of climbing trees. He uses a lot of different examples that regard comic books ,and I think it was very clear that comic books are a great way to express your emotions weather it is reading them or writing your own. He also touches on how gangsta rap music helped a young girl get through a tough family life. In the end he only talked about two maybe three forms of violent media. That's why it was hard for me to be completely convinced , because I play video games a lot and he didn't even touch on them as a form of violent media and how they can help young
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