Why Is Virtue Important?

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Why is Virtue Important?

Trough ancient Roman times, virtus was a specific virtue of one who showed a great deal of valor, courage, and dedication (online source). However, it was up to the individual whether or not to exhibit and use those characteristics that shape a true man. Some may ask what virtue means and how virtue can be described as having a positive trait and or personal quality that is of moral excellence (Merriam-Webster). Some of the most important virtues that were depicted within these readings include the aforementioned ideal systems of pietas, Epicureanism, and stoicism. Throughout this paper I will describe and relate to Virgil’s “Aeneid,” along with the texts Ovid’s, “The Tale of Midas” and Petronius, “The Banquet of Trimalchio.” Also, I will show you that wealth, a pleasure and extreme greediness, is troublesome to the ancient Roman culture. To begin, Petronius’, The Banquet of Trimalchio, shows us that wealth and having the luxury to have everything and anything will eventually take over one’s mind. This was a lavish life that was full of pleasure and luxury, only fit for a beast. Trimalchio was different than most people, however, he was born and raised as a slave. From slavery, Trimalchio invested a great deal of his time into trade and made a great deal of money. Along with Trimalchio 's trading skills, he had a rather large inheritance, essentially making him rich. At a dinner party that Trimalchio hosts, his guests are accompanied by singing…

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