Why Is Weightlifting Important?

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Weightlifting has been around for generations becoming more and more popular, and the knowledge behind it is improving every day. It originated hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the strength of someone was determined by how heavy of a rock they could lift.. Though, the weight lifting we know today started in Germany in the 1800’s and has now become a popular form of sport all around the world (Archibald). Weightlifting is important because it helps improve personal health and fitness, and increases the strength and size of the skeletal muscles in the body. Weight lifting uses the force of gravity with weighted dumbbells, bars and machines to “work” the body in different ways, forcing it to grow bigger and stronger to be better equipped for the next training session. When training, the muscles being worked are contracting as you move the weight. For example if performing a bicep curl, as you move the weight up using your bicep, the bicep muscle is concentrically contracting, squeezing and shortening on your arm. As you control the weight while it travels back down from the force of gravity, the muscle then contracts…show more content…
Carbohydrates provide the body with energy, and are split into two types, complex carbohydrates, which are long lasting carbs, like oats, and simple carbohydrates, which are fast acting carbs like white pasta, quickly giving energy to the body. Complex carbs are very helpful to fuel an entire day with energy, and simple carbohydrates will quickly supply fast energy to the body for immediate energy. So, simple carbs will be important to have immediately before a workout for best results while training, and complex carbs are most useful earlier in the day before a workout and after, to assure the body has the right energy after a workout and throughout the
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