Why Is Whitney Houston A Tragic Hero

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A tragic hero is an influential character who experienced a privileged life, partook in a rise to fame or fortune, then declined due to a flaw in personality or life decision. Whitney Houston was a one-of-a-kind singer who stole hearts across America. She is a perfect example of a tragic hero, due to her amazing vocal talent, influential role in teaching America that everyone has flaws and embracing individuality is the key to success, and her ultimate decline in health and fame due to alcoholism, drug abuse, and poor marital decisions. Whitney Houston grew up in humble beginnings, with fame on her side, helping her to become the modern-day tragic hero that the public knows. According to Biography, “Born on August 9, 1963 in Newark, New…show more content…
These flaws ultimately lead to her downfall, struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse, and eventual death. Whitney’s former bodyguard tells one website that, “He also witnessed Houston’s tragic desintegration: her increasing reliance on drugs and alcohol, her spiral into addiction, and her troubled marriage to rap star Bobby Brown,” (Day). Whitney Houston’s decline was documented all across America, news stations and tabloids taking advantage of her concerning situation. From her marriage to severe drug abuse, Whitney’s decline seemed to express a domino effect. She made bad decisions and allowed herself to be with a man who caused her to change who she was. While speaking with Whitney’s former bodyguard, The Guardian tells readers about Bobby and Whitney’s relationship, saying, “He became verbally and physically abusive… publicly demeaning her at every opportunity..,” (Day). Whitney chose to be involved in a harmful relationship, possibly one of the reasons why she began abusing drugs and alcohol. Seeing that she yearned to please people, she tried to be more like the outsider Bobby Brown, causing her to lose focus and part of her own personality. Whitney’s death marks the height of her downfall, her life’s descent pinpointed by bad decisions, poor personal…show more content…
Her rise to fame and privileged life also identify her as a tragic hero, the famous family that she was surrounded with helped her to develop her love for music and aided the jumpstart of her career. Finally, Whitney had personal and decisive flaws, including a lack of self esteem concerning her personal character and a poor spouse choice, which ultimately lead Whitney to experience a downfall that included alcoholism, drug abuse, and, eventually, death. America was left void of their hero, once a mere young girl with stunning talent, beauty, and

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