Why Isn't the Whole World Developed Essay example

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'Why isn't the whole world developed?'

A comparative essay review by Prabhdeep Jammu
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'Why isn't the whole world developed' by Richard Easterlin
In the paper titled 'Why isn't the whole world developed' written by Richard Easterlin, the author tries to put forth an explanation as to why the whole world hasn't developed yet. The past century has seen the greatest economic, technological and knowledge growth in modern history, yet some nations are still in the same position as they were many years ago. The author's argument is based on the assumption that technological progress is or has been the source of economic progress in the past two centuries. Technological progress leads to efficient
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GDP may be a reliable evaluation of the economic activity, but it is far from reliable to measure the life standards or "development" of a country. GDP, as defined by the Britannica encyclopedia is the "total market value of the goods and services produced by a nation’s economy during a specific period of time. It includes all final goods and services—that is, those that are produced by the economic resources located in that nation regardless of their ownership and that are not resold in any form." As is evident from the definition, GDP will measure any kind of output as a "good thing", and does not discriminate between spending. The money could be spent on the well-being(roads) of citizens or on something potentially dangerous (cigarettes), it will be considered the same in the GDP figure. Thus, as is apparent, GDP is an unreliable tool to measure a nation's well-being and development. The problem with measuring the "development" is that it is dependent on many subjective traits such as happiness. These traits are extremely hard to quantify and be objectively evaluated.
2. In the journal, the author claims that a reliable and formal schooling system leads to a better and fairer diffusion of technology amongst countries. The problem with this assertion is that the claim could be true if stated either way. A formal schooling system could lead to the
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