Why It Hurts to Be a Handsome Man on the Job Hunt

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Reading Response 1 After reading the title of the article Why it Hurts to be a Handsome Man on the Job Hunt, I was interested in the approach and results of the investigation. When reading the article I thought it was an interesting subject to study and take into account, because it isn’t something I would ever think could occur within the workplace. The common topics of workplace discussions are typically how women are discriminated against and harassed by men in the office. This new insight of another common discrimination within the workplace caught my attention. My initial thought of the piece was that it had to be a rumor that was circulating within the workplace until I read the research was done by the University College…show more content…
This article didn’t provide any information that could be used to avoid this kind of situation. I think this piece could focus on other areas of the hiring process. They could have incorporated an interview portion into the experiment. How does the interview effect whether or not someone attractive can get hired at a competitive workplace? Can unattractive males get hired in team work places? Do references in a resume help decide who gets hired in each work place even if they are attractive? The article interested me because I didn’t think about the aspect of attractive men not being able to get competitive work place jobs due to a manager being unaware of their own biases. I like that fact that the article is short, has simple words so it’s easily understandable, and has short descriptive titles for each section. I think the author could have done more experiments and research to prove that attractive men cannot get competitive jobs. There was a statement saying that attractive men are held to a higher standard than that of unattractive men, they are able to make more money, and are more likely to win over investors, but there is no research to prove these statements are true other than stating that many studies have shown it to be true. I wasn’t really able to connect to the piece because I haven’t experienced these biases. It shocked me to read that there are biases against

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