Why It Is Important For A Customer

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INTRODUCTION. This report will show why it is important for a customer to submit a complete case file to the Loan Approval Official. The Loan Approval Official should review all of the documents contained in the case file to ensure that they are completed properly, and must confirm that the customer’s decision is sound. I will also emphasize on why it is important for a company to choose a good inventory method so that it does not affect its financial statements. Inventory had always been an integral part of the financial statements. I will also show how advantageous the bill of exchange is in debts collection. When customers apply for a loan it is important for them to submit financial statements and most loan officers will ask for financial statements for the past 3 years so that the loan officer can see the history of the business. They will ask for the most current financial statements to ensure your business is a safe entity to loan to. The loan officer has to go in depth of the financial statements of the customer before approving the loan application. New companies have are compelled to give an in depth documentation to the investor, as projected income statements for succeeding 3 years at the side of projected money statements for constant fundamental quantity. They need to elucidate wherever their revenue are going to be coming back from and the way it 's expected to be paid (Anon, 2015) Credible financial statements begin with an effective system of
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