Why It Is Important For Counselors

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If is important for counselors to be well trainee in interpretation and communication of results because if results are not communicated correctly and effectively there may be misperceived or misunderstood by the individual receiving the interpretation. This is a unique form of communication for counselors and the success of this is vital. Our textbook provides us with information explaining the importance and value of sharing test interpretations with the individual who took the assessment. Goodyear (1990) tentatively concludes that those individuals who received their test interpretation experienced greater results in counseling compared to those who did not receive interpretations. It can be challenging for counselors to break down these results in a way that the individuals taking the assessment can understand and relate to so it critical that counselors receive more training to develop these skills. If test results are not communicated effectively or are misperceived it could cause serious confusion for the individual and significantly impact the way they view themselves and their abilities. Test results can be difficult to understand especially if terminology you are using becomes confusing or is misunderstood by the client. As the book states we need to be comfortable communicating and interpreting the results before we begin to share with the client so that when we are delivering the results we are able to focus on the clients reactions and questions rather
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