Why It Is Important That I Understand What Independent Learning Is?

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Why it is important that I understand what independent learning is?
Holec H (1981: P.3) states that independent learning is the ability to take charge of one’s learning. In his view it is being able to make informed choices and take responsibility for your own learning activities. He says two important elements which are vital for the success of learning independently. He argues that motivation and being confident are key elements to take decisions independently and act on them.
However, there are different approach to learning and teaching in higher education. The student is expected to have sufficient maturity to work on their own longer periods without the help of a tutor being present in the classroom, Stella Cottrell (2008, P. 13).
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It is study time, time for independent learning, Kent (P.1). Students actively seek to identify what is important relating to their studies. Usage of time effectively and know where resources are. Students understand how they progress best, Southampton (2013). That requires self management most of the time students find themselves working alone without a tutor in the room to guide or help. You will be expected to organise your own study space and time. A great deal of responsibility lies on students for their own success. This can feel as though study lacks structure. However, it can be also be very liberating, Stella Cottrell (Chapter 4).

This requires action research which is associated with a series of planning actions by the researcher(s) and research participants. The main elements of the research process at this stage of the research include the gathering of data, feedback on results, and cooperative action planning, Jonathan T and Ewan I, 2014. Researching includes exploiting resources which are available by the university such as library books, library multimedia resources and internet to search for journals and website to help with essays, Manchester (2007).

Tutors play a vital role in this process to promote independent learning and motivate students. This is done by encouraging students to by teaching them the skills to independent learning. Example giving students choices so they can reflect on their own interests
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