Why It Projects Fail And Find The Critical Factors That Lead Successful Project

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Executive Summary
There is lots of IT projects that are going through across the year in different organizations but in that only 50% of the projects are getting the final results. Many projects starting with a good aims and knowledge but finally it leads to the failure of the project. In fact many of the projects are not implemented or some of them are cancelled. This report is made to find the reasons behind “Why IT Projects Fail and find the critical factors which lead successful project”
A project refers to a sequence of unique, complex and connected activities having one goal or purpose and that must be completed by a specific time, within budget and according to specification (Whitten, Bentley & Dittman, 2000).
Information Technology
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Business is getting more complex in this world. So the competition between the organizations to achieve their target becomes more complicated. In every business the impact of IT services is booming. But when we look into the success rate of IT projects it’s very disappointing. Every IT organization tries to minimize their cost to attain maximum profit and also most of their targeted goals set with a low limit of time. Every IT projects is differing from other projects in invisibility, complexity, conformity and flexibility.
The face of the Information Technology is dynamic and changing every day. So most of the companies required to update their process with today’s world. There is a huge opportunities for IT companies to earn more profit. But comparing to the other business sectors the success rate of IT project is too low.
Project success affected by many factors such as communication problems within team members, unclear goals and objectives, unrealistic time, lack of top management support and inappropriate skills, stake holder engagement, risk management, financial estimations. The main source for the reason points to the project management.
There are some common criteria which leads to failure of projects is
• Not delivering on time
• Not ending in given budget
• Not satisfying the user requirements (http://intosaiitaudit.org/muscat/Jordan-Why_IT_Projects_Fail.pdf)
The objective of this report is to understand how to overcome these situations in
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