Why John Greens Is Called Paper Towns

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“It’s a paper town. I mean, look at it, Q: look at all those streets that turn in on themselves, all houses that were built to fall apart. All those paper people, living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm.” (Green, p57) Quentin is also known as Q in the story, falls in love with his neighbor Margo after they take a late night trip to go and play pranks, getting revenge on old friends and break into SeaWorld, as Margo wanted. She’s not the typical girl, she has a passion for electric music and breaking into people’s houses and old, abandon buildings. After their crazy night, Margo goes missing, no one had any idea where she went. They thought she was just going out for a few nights, but they come to realize she wasn’t coming back, she wanted someone to find her, someone meaning Quentin. Paper towns are a confusing yet very meaningful title to this book, she also leads Q to these paper towns…show more content…
These reasons are very cool and intelligent of the author to put these into his story. One of the reasons this book is called Paper Towns is because where the author says that Margo and Q live is actually a real paper town. Where they play mischievous pranks on people is also an actual paper town. Another reason is because Margo does research on paper towns and marks paper towns on the maps that Q finds as some of the clues she leaves for him to find her. She uses the paper towns because they lead to abandoned places and the middle of nowhere and it confuses him and makes him sometimes believe that she is dead, yet he still never gives up. He was determined to find her dead or alive. A third reason this is called paper towns is because Margo sends Q to the paper towns and some of the places he actually finds clues to where to try and look next. Quentin actually ended up finding her at a paper town she had marked. She was in an old, rundown, crumbling piece by piece
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