Why John's Age Should Not Be Charged As Adults

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John smith is a 14 year old boy living with an unstable family. His mom deals drugs and his dad is a drug addict. As a result, he lives in a ghetto neighborhood and hung out with bad company. He was convinced to take part in a house robbery. He was the look out like Steve Harmon in the book Monster. When he was on the look out his friend killed two of the people who lived in the house. Therefor John was charged as an adult and convicted to life in jail. His whole life is down the drain. John is 14 and doesn't know what he is getting himself into. He will be abused and raped because he is so young and weak compared to the other cell mates. He is also at the age where he still needs his body to develop but in jail it will not develop right so then he will not be healthy. At the time he did not know what he was getting into so he thought his friend was just going to go in and go out. But that did not happen. I think that kids at Johns age should not be charged as adults because even though John did a crime he was not the one who killed the…show more content…
To develop fully these kids need to have a full diet and exercise. But if kids were charged as adults they would not be able to complete their full development. In jail the men and women only eat three times a day. That is not enough food for a young child to develop well. The cause of not developing well can affect the child whole life. Their brains would not be used to the fullest of its capacity because your brain needs food to grow. Also if a kid does not develop well they can get sick and possibly could die at a young age. Average height for fifteen year old is 5’4. But if the child was in jail for three years and now is fifteen he would be a lot smaller than that. That will again affect them in the long run. By the kids not being fully developed they will be weak and will be the weak links and they will get sexually harassed like in the third

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