Essay on Why Jospeh Stalin?

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Lenin’s search for obedient followers and hard workers would eventually lead him to Joseph Stalin. Stalin was courageous, rambunctious, bold, fierce, and determined. Stalin knew that in order to secure his place within the Bolsheviks, and move up the ranks, he needed to prove himself worthy to their cause. Stalin used these traits and put them to work gaining Lenin’s admiration. What Stalin really excelled in was organization, something that the early Bolshevik party desperately needed. While Stalin may not have been the most intelligent or the most the most “typical” candidate for acceleration, accelerate he did. In this time, had this been a normal government Stalin would not have risen amongst the ranks due to his lower class…show more content…
As Stalin’s power began to grow, there was one person who dared speak out against it, Vladimir Lenin. After suffering a stroke in 1922, Lenin went into semi-retirement. Stalin and Trotsky both became concerned with who would become his successor. Stalin and Lenin had a strong political relationship and Stalin would visit Lenin often to discuss the direction of Russia and the Soviet Union. However, one day Stalin cursed at Lenin’s wife and Lenin was understandably very upset. This began the breaking down of their relationship. Lenin began heeding the warnings from Trotsky about Stalin’s power hungry ways and he began keeping detailed notes of disapproval about Joseph Stalin. Although “Lenin’s Testament” was meant to be a public account of Lenin’s fears in terms of the Soviet Union under Stalin, Stalin had allied with Lev Kamanev, the acting Premier during Lenin’s last year, and Grigori Zionoviev, head of the Comintern, and through their combined influence, they had suppressed the document from being revealed to the Twelfth Party Congress. Although these men did not truly agree with his policies, they did not want Trotsky to take over so they sided with Stalin to prevent that from happening. On January 21, 1924, Lenin died. Thanks to Kamanev and Zionoviev’s influence, “Lenin’s Testament” was again not made public but instead only read to the Thirteenth Party Congress. Although people were shocked to hear Lenin’s thoughts of Stalin,
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