Why Judas Iscariot

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Overall, I think that this group did a good job covering this movie. Even though there were a couple small things that I had issues with, I really did not have much of a complaint with their job. I thought that part six deserved the rating of “Good” for on large reason. I think that they should have mentioned more about the unique role that Judas Iscariot filled in this movie. I thought it very strange how Judas was actually working with Jesus to betray him. I think that the author of this story took some liberties with this idea. I also think that it should have been mentioned that Judas seems to have been portrayed in a very different light than he was in the Bible. Part seven, I felt, justly earned the rating of “Good” because of the many of the small details that were found. For example, I thought the catch on the fact that John the Baptist should have been the same age as Jesus since they were born within months of each other was very good. I also think that it should have been mentioned how Judas was portrayed past his historical lifespan. I believe that Judas committed suicide before Jesus was even put in front of the Pilate. While this group…show more content…
I think that their realization that our reactions to different situations have become less extreme is quite accurate. As a country, we are becoming more lenient on many issues.
I gave part ten a rating of “Good” because of the way I think that Jesus would react to this film. I do not think that Jesus would be naïve enough to not recognize the demonic qualities of the child angel at the end. I thought John Michael put it succinctly in that Jesus would have recognized that anyone who tells him that he is not the Messiah is against him and is probably related to Satan in some way. This is where I disagree with Alex on the thought that this depiction was an accurate representation of Jesus’
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