Why Juveniles Should Not Be Legal

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Juvenile Crimes in the United States Nachamada Roya Simon 250798336 SOC 2206B Section 570 March 8 2016 Professor Catherine Gelinas Introduction The proposed study is a cross-sectional research about why juveniles should not be put to trial and convicted in adult court and the factors that affect why they would be convicted in adult courts. The study would be conducted in two parts with both quantitative and qualitative methods. The first part of the study would be conducted in a juvenile and adult correctional facility whereas the second part of the study would take place in the city of Houston, Texas with university students and residents as test subjects. The juvenile and adult correctional facility directors would be contacted and informed prior to the commencement of the study. Two correctional facilities would be studied. The juvenile sample population would consists of juveniles that have been convicted for murder, man slaughter, drug trafficking, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and/or burglary whereas the adult sample set would consist if inmates who were tried as juveniles and have been sentenced to death by either by incarceration or execution. This study is going to be conducted in male correctional facilities in order to control the variance attributable to the gender of the inmates. Once the directors of the correctional facilities review the study and inmates sign a consent form for the study to be carried out, the researcher would brief the
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