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Kids Home is an innovative non-profit organization providing support to migrant children in need. Due to many reasons, first reason is many migrant children still don’t have access to education. For examples, they provides activities such as homework support, reading animations and provide sporting activities contribute to their adherence to school. Another reason is They often lack access to basic healthcare. They provide regular counselling to address the specific needs and provide medical teams to take care about they take care a large range of critical issues such as: HIV-AIDS, immunization, reproductive health, nutrition. Last reason is migrant children living in construction areas are exposed to many dangers. They develop partnerships…show more content…
There are many reasons that why do people help each other. First of all, they want to see other being nice. Sometimes people are having a worse day than others. This is the great opportunity for someone who want to help others to spend some of their energy making them have a little better or help them as much as they can. In addition, the helpers feel better about themselves. When you help others, you will feel proud of yourself that you can bring smile on someone’s face and they would like to help other people anymore. The last reason is they could feel pity for another person who need help. When they see someone who looks helpless to solve the problem by themselves and ask them for help, they will feel compassion and help them to have a better life. Thus, helping other is a good thing. Not only it can make helper and people who were helped feel happy but also make they never give up in what they are. If you try it today, it will change someone’s life.

According to the article, there are many migrant children who don’t gain an education, don’t have a place to live, have bad health and they live without their parents so KIDS HOME that is an organization lends a helping hand to them and don’t want anything in return. They help and support them to gain an education, taking care of their health and give them the opportunity for the future. And now they help 1000 children in the province of Chiang Mai (North
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