Why Kids Misbehave Can Drive Almost Any Person Crazy

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Trying to understand why kids misbehave can drive almost any person crazy. To better understand what to do when the situation occurs the teacher must know that almost always the students who is misbehaving is trying to show “control” (2005, p. 26). The authors list four ways students act which are avoiding schoolwork, seeking attention, creating diversions, and playing power games. When the teacher realizes what the student is truly trying to do, they can then help guide them to accepting their behavior. Whenever dealing with students who misbehave on a regular basis, teachers should know that personal growth is huge, even the smallest amount of growth can help that student become a great student down the road. In the journal, Positive…show more content…
With each of these approaches there is a problem that occurs from each one and a solution. For calling students out, the problem that comes up is a conflict now between the student and teacher because the teacher has called out that student in front of their peers. The solution for this is to instead eliminate the audience and talk to the student individually by either doing so out in the hall or after class depending on the situation (year, pp. 103-104). Next is yelling and using sarcasm, when teachers do this to a student the student will do one of two things either fight or flight. When this happens the relationship now between the student and teacher starts to fall apart. When a teacher uses yelling or sarcasm then the result is often antipathy and negativity (2013, p. 104). What to do instead is to use “emotional objectivity” which is just carrying out behavior task in a rational way rather than an emotional way (p. 104). Third is sitting or standing still, instead of a teacher staying stagnant Englehart states that “He or she must endeavor to come into close proximity with every student” in doing so it keeps students on task and more accountable (2013, p. 104). Then with disconnecting routines from behavior, teachers should know that routines are what their classroom is built around. Every teacher has his or her own lesson plan for

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