Why Kids Should Not Be Able To Play Role-Playing Video Games

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Students should not be able to play role-playing games because they are perilous
How would our society change if the children of the 21st century did not have violence simulated video games? There are many video games nowadays, ranging from sports to shooters. Some look very realistic and can be very addicting. Video games have very improved graphics from the early 2000s, they also now can include bad actions or ideas that could influence the kids these days to do things that they see in the video games. The kids of this generation should not able to play role-playing games because they are perilous.

It is a health risk because kids have to sleep. In the role playing game Killer the kids stay up really late to either get other kids or don’t want to get caught in their sleep. Games with simulated violence are sometimes addicting like Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5. These kids could stay up the whole night playing their video games. This could further lead to bad grades or poor health because sleep is essential aspect of life. Guy Martin states that in the game Killer the school is a safe zone. I imagine some kids may sleep in the school or they would be staying up late to try to attack someone. It would
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This connects to my point because the distraction of the game could cause a drop in their grades which could affect their future. They would be strategizing in school and when they are out of school they would always be out to get someone or looking around to see if someone was coming for them. Benedict Carey states that playing these video games with simulated violence can lead to aggressive attitude. This could lead them to thinking new things like the things they do in these violent video games are okay. If this was the problem they would never be paying attention and that would lead to not being able to do homework or excel on the big tests or even
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