Why Killing An Ordinary Adult Is Morally Wrong

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Therefore, according to Marquis, a new strategy should be adopted to develop the argument o abortion. In this case, the author starts by illustrating why killing an ordinary adult is morally wrong, and tries to apply same reasons to the case of abortion. Therefore, if similar reasons can be applied to the context of abortion, then decision of it being immoral will be made. The wrong aspect in killing relates to depriving the victim life which is inherently valuable. In this case, killing deprives of the victim the very valuable things that he or she could have achieved in future if life was not terminated prematurely (Vaughn, 2012). Among these valuables are aesthetic experiences, relationships, accomplished projects, achievements and goals. Therefore, killing is regarded as wrong because it denies the victim the value of the future. Marquis, therefore, notes that there are various reasons to explain why killing is wrong. Firstly, it accounts for the idea that murder is the worst crime because of the extent of its deprivation. It also matches with the attitude that the terminally ill develop concerning the future death. In addition, the act of killing has no special importance that supports moral reasons to justify abortion. Furthermore, the author reveals that this idea is plausible in the verdict of various ethical activities. For instance, it is used to explain why euthanasia victims are a time allowed to be killed as well as a reason behind infanticide. The

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